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Yuri - Sex Slave
Hero Name
!!! WARNING !!!
- skypreset have limit of 1800kb file size for preset.
Yuri preset is over 20 Mb its not possible to upload Nif and DDs files...

If You want this preset, plz ask me on Discord or LoversLab

So u want to use my Sexy Slave?...

 = Yuri is my new character :)

Want to talk?...
 Here is my Discord:
2020-09-14 - New Discord Link

 = I'm using my own Textures and ENB
As base im using Snapdragon and Pure Skin however its heavly edited...
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Yuri.rar 1535 downloads Download
Required Modifications
Description: Just editor :)...
Link: http://No link
Description: I'm using little edited Chapi sliders
Link: http://No link
Description: I have little edited textures but base is Pure Skin
Link: http://No link
Description: Aber or Amber... i don't remmeber xD
Link: http://No link
Description: Must have mod :o
Link: http://No link
Description: HDT Hair yey !...
Link: http://No link
Description: it was deleted from Nexus but im still using it... Face may look little difereen in Your game if u dont have Adorable Face
Link: http://Ask me on Discord
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Author: DJlegends
Created: 2020-08-29 18:33:51
no update so far... 
give me discord link other invalid