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Veronica V.0.31
Hero Name

- Added some images, this website Image limits gosh... T_T... 580 kb its fking terrible !...

You can download Body and Face from:

Also on you have always new version of preset :)...

If you have any questions etc. you can ask here lol...

Required mod list is not completed
- Some mods from Korean websites that i can't copy name and i dont even remember name because of their weird symbols instead of normal letters

- Community Overlays ( for face but its edited )

and some other mods i names dont remember...
Preset Status
Preset Type
Preset Type Version
Total Of Downloads
Veronica.rar 276 downloads Download
Required Modifications
Description: My face mesh and textures
Link: http://No Download
Description: My body mesh and textures
Link: http://No Download
Description: Combine hairstyles in game
Link: http://Download on Discord
Description: Makeup for Face ( Lips eyes etc. )
Link: http://Google it
Description: Hair ( need HairBuilder )
Link: http://Google it ( Nexus )
Description: With working Bodyslides and Bodyscales otherwise body may not work for You
Link: http://Google it ( you need 5 RaceMenu mods in tot(...)
Description: Eyes ( n48 )
Link: http://Google it
Description: just Graphics overlay
Link: http://No Download
Description: another graphics overlay - use Marble -
Link: http://Google it ( Nexus )
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