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Blood Elf Death Knight
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This is a character based off of a World of Warcraft character I have. She is a blood elf Death Knight. Her race is a Redguard for the passive bonuses (Bonus one handed and resist poison) as I saw that fitting for a Death Knight. 

The armor she is wearing is the dragon bone bikini from The Amazing World of Bikini Armors:

She uses a CBBE HDT enabled body, so if you use the same body type, her body will import as well. If you just want to use her face, use the sculpt option in RaceMenu, select the 'Mask Add' tool and color in the neck until its all blue. Then click 'Import', and select her head. This should let you put her head on any body/race you like, but you would still have to set her skin tone manually.

To Install: Open the .zip and place the two folders in your Skyrim > Data > SKSE > Plugins folder.
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