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Xerra the Pale
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Xerra the 2713 downloads Download
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Description: High-resolution skin textures, be warned it is NSFW.
Description: The hair I used is in this hair pack, try googling it, it's not hosted anywhere officially.
Link: none
Description: Best to place the .dds and .nif files manually, because otherwise it may be overwritten by a mod manager.
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Author: Mbwun
Created: 2018-04-07 04:41:02
no update so far... 
Also the black and green robes are called Sotetta necromancer robes. The last picture is the Tribunal Robe.
Author: FunnyGuy653
Created: 2018-04-03 21:26:59
2018-04-04 00:58:56 
Thank you! I was using the standalone version for the war paint and after switching to the replacer version it worked perfectly.
Author: Mbwun
Created: 2018-04-02 07:38:29
no update so far... 
The robes are from Lind's robe replacer on I don't know if you use mod organizer or nexus mod manager but personally I use the latter. I just install the replacer version of raven war paint and it works just fine if you use the preset with Racemenu. (The replacer version of the mod replaces vanilla warpaints, i don't know if this is why mine works and yours doesn't but I've seen stranger reasons for a mod not functioning).
Author: FunnyGuy653
Created: 2018-03-28 22:56:18
2018-03-29 15:04:53 
How do I get the facepaint to work ? I can't find it anywhere in Raven War Paint and adding it in manually makes everything around it black. Sorry if it's obvious, I'm pretty new to this stuff. Edit: Also, while I'm asking, what mods are the robes in the second and fourth pic from ?
Author: Skyak
Created: 2017-07-12 02:39:26
2017-07-12 02:44:09 
I went thought the horrendous process of registration just to say: thank you! this is spot on for me. Ooo and before I forget, for anyone who is new to this too, you have to load the preset AND the face sculpture.