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    She's the character I use when I play Skyrim. In the pictures, I just used a bikini outfit, but she looks good in all types of clothing! I tried to show as much skin as possible to show off the tattoos, to be honest.
    Ever since Luma was born, she has had the tattoos. It was unknown where they came from, and why they had been on her body. They seemed to pulse or breath just as she did. Due to this, she has always been the oddball out or not considered normal. Some people even thought it was a sign of evil placed upon her body. Luma, however, knew the real purpose of the tattoos. They had been a gift.
    They are not just ordinary ink on her skin, they are something else; something alive, but not. If she concentrates she can almost speak to them, and ask for their help. She found out something fascinating if she works with them, they can give her a boost in strength or speed. The tattoos whisper that that's not all they can do for her, but she has yet to explore thoroughly all that they offer.
    The tattoos do not help her for free. Their request is simple: explore the world, for they feed on knowledge. They can also give her insight about all she sees, so she knows exactly what she's dealing with. It gives the weak points of opponents, Luma knows exactly how to take down anything. If she touches a book, all of the information is taken by the tattoos and conveyed to her. They make her a genius in all aspects. Before, she was the smallest and weakest in her village, but now she knows how to harness something that will make her the fiercest fighter in all the lands. It's up to you to come up with the origin of the tattoos, and why they were given to her as a gift. It's your journey with Luma.
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Kawaii Girl.7z 4774 downloads Download
Required Modifications
Description: Cute moving hair! Preset is using. (Completely different from normal KS Hairdos)
Description: Gives you better- and a bigger selection of eyebrows. Preset is using.
Description: Larger selection of eye colors! Preset is using.
Description: Tattoo mod, not sure what will happen if you don't download it. Maybe you'll get a purple character.
Description: Body type.
Description: I use Demoniac, but this is OPTIONAL. Use the one you want.
Description: If you want the actual jiggle -MAIN FILE-
Description: -SECONDARY FILE- For the jiggle (use bodyslide)
Description: For those that want the outfit in the screenshots.
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