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Sanhoshin character re-creation
Hero Name
Instructions for getting the right look for your character:
1. Install ECE
2. Install Eihei skin textures, this part is important if you want your character to look like mine.
3. Copy the .SLOT file to your ECE presets folder, which is usually in documents\my games\Skyrim\cme_save\
4. For the eyebrows, they are from "Better Females Eyebrows". Simply google, download, install and choose the right one in ECE.
5. After loading the slot file ingame in ECE, you will probably have to choose the correct hair. It should be from SGHairpack, not sure though.
1. Use the DH enb that's coming with this rar package. Simply paste everything inside the folder into your Skyrim folder after deleting your previous enb. Ingame, this enb can look       pretty bad in certain circumstances outdoors. Test the looks indoors or circumvent that problem by using ELFX, imaginator or tweaking the enbseries.ini. ELFX works best so far.
2. Use Nifskope to edit your body and face meshes to increase the specularity of your character:
"Open the file you want to edit in nifscope and select the body portion of the model. Then expand the model's properties by clicking on the arrow next to the NiTriShape. Next select     BSLightingShaderProperty, this will bring up its details near the bottom of the window. Scroll through the details and select Specular Strength. Here you can edit the values of the model." -MrRedAce from LL
I set mine to 6. 
3. Make your character use my edited brighter eye texture file. How you do that is up to you. I usually just rename it to the eye texture file my character is currently using,              replacing it.
4. Install "Eyebrow Specularity Fix", if you don't want your eyebrows to shine.
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