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Linam v0.4
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Linam is a Nord with a little Breton blood running through his veins. Growing up in Riften as the son of an innkeeper, Linam was quickly tasked with taking care of drunken brawlers.

One night, a lonesome hunter wasn't happy with the services offered to him by some wenches and started a fight. Linam removed the drinker and clossed the inn with his father. The hunter returned, broke a window and threw a lit torch through it. The inn was destroyed and Linam could only barely escape the flames. His old father wasn't so lucky. Linam could do nothing to save him.

Now a homeless man, Linam left Riften to see the world and traveled to many corners of the empire. When word came to him that his beloved Skyrim had fall into civil war, he deceided to go home and fight for his country. He fears no man nor beast but has develloped a uncommon weakness to fire.


My first male preset, as there weren't many on the warehouse.
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Linam preset 0.4.rar 1352 downloads Download
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Author: Snow Peach
Created: 2017-03-27 06:45:22
no update so far... 
love the preset! using him as a follower in familiar faces. thanks!