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This is my first upload to Nexus despite being a heavy user since Skyrim's launch. This is a racemenu preset for the Succubus race.

This is a character that has been in the making for years. I slowly gravitated toward this character and have tweaked her looks so many different times. Probably dozens. Skyrim character creation is a huge thing for me and I base every other game off of it. Skyrim has the best character creation system in any game ever made after it's all modded. Bonus points for anyone who can guess what game her name is from!

Required Mods

KS Hairdos - HDT
Succubus Race
HDT Physics
SKSE (for HDT to work)
Racemenu (obviously)
NetImmerseOverride (for Racemenu)

To make her look like the screenshots I have used the following mods (there's A LOT):



1. Install HDT Physics, RaceMenu, NetImmerseOverride (and SKSE if you don't already have it)
2. Install RaceCompatibility
3. Install Succubus
4. Install KS Hairdos - HDT
5. Drop and drop the files into your Skyrim/Data folder
6. Load your game and press the ~ (tilde) key and type "showracemeny" (without quotes)
7. Go to the Presets tab and press F9 to load the preset
8. Go to Sculpt tab and load the sculpt data

NOTE: To get the PureSkinTexture to show up on custom races you have to manually install the textures into the races texture folder


Love Sortiara? Follow my DeviantArt for the official fan club! See updated screenshots of my character. 

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