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Maya - A Ningheim preset for RaceMenu
Hero Name
This is a character preset of my character - Maya
This is my first upload so pls be gentle xD
Tools used and needed:
RaceMenu Mod:
ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer:

Graphics and mods needed:
The Ningheim Race - its easy to install and looks awesome so why not.
Brows - Its got a Ningheim addon and is needed if u wish ur Ningheim to have brows xD
KS Hairdos - HDT Physics - you can use the non HDT version too but the HDT is cool and easy to install.
Stoja's Warpaints - Its used for the make up on the character all u need to do is install the mod.
Freckle Mania - do u want the cute freckles? yes? download this mod
SG Texture Renewal - Best looking skin textures IMO.
Eye Normal Map Fix - (optional) makes the eyes not look retarded xD
Improved Eye Reflections and Cube Map - (optional) trust meh xD Project ENB - (optional) Cinematic Winter version is what i use in the pics.

  1. Download and install all the mods needed.
  2. Download my file
  3. Go to Data/SKSE/Plugins/CharGen/Presets and dump it there
  4. Then go ingame and type "showracemenu" in the console
  5. Change your race to Ningheim and your sex to female
  6. Go to "Presets" tab and click F9 to load a preset
  7. Choose "Maya2" preset
  8. Enjoy! If u use the non HDT hair u need to change it manually with the slider.
Me: Seriously?
You: Yeah i dont like it.
Me: Really? Q.Q
You: YEAH!!
Me: Alright just delete my file Q.Q
A big THANK YOU to Bethesda and all the mod authors who created these awesome mods so this preset can exist.
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Author: ckaplan5
Created: 2017-07-21 19:29:49
no update so far... 
Great preset, awesome instructions! Well done!