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Lili Saito - A Hi-Res japanese girl (ECE)
Hero Name
Lili Saito
A great mix between western and asian face. I do not use any face or eye mod, just some eye brows shipped with ECE. That should reduce the requirements to the minimum. Also, I only used RaceMenu once, so I might not skilled enough to make a conversion.

  • Install required mods
  • Install recommended mods
  • Copy "_8_commonTriRaces.slot" to C:\Users\[your_user_name]\Documents\My Games\Skyrim\CME_save
  • In ECE, go to Body > Slot Load, then select the 8th slot
  • Enjoy!

Notes: To achieve the Hi-Res part, you must install UNP Creamy Extreme. I cannot guarantee you'll have the same face as in screenshots if you use an other head texture.

Disclaimer: Since where UNP Creamy Extreme is hosted isn't available to country other than China anymore, I uploaded a copy of it on 4shared where other countries can download it. If that bothers anyone (mod author...), please tell me and I'll remove it.

Please rate it if you liked it. Thanks!

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Lili Saito - A Hi-Res japanese girl by 1478 downloads Download
Required Modifications
Description: Tested all body textures out there and this was my last choice. A perfect combination between SG Texture Renewal and Fair Skin Complexion; includes head textures too.
Description: Best looking hairs so far. You need to google it.
Link: none
Description: Bring realism to Skyrim with not so much FPS drop.
Description: A studio for great screenshots (location: behind Riverwood's inn).
Description: This isn't actually used by this preset but could worth trying.
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